Zuluan Orion and his path to heal through natural medicine: Ecuadorians generally have a lot of spiritual power | Entertainment |

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Dr. Zuluan, as he is called for his training in Ayurvedic medicine, natural medicine and quantum medicine, returned to the country to offer a congress.

The Colombian Zuluan Orion holds that each person has the power to transform energy. This theory is the result of his more than 36 years of experience in personal transformation processes. Dr. Zuluan, as he is called due to his training in Ayurvedic medicine, natural medicine and quantum medicine, returned to the country to offer his congress ‘Transforming suffering into love’.

In an interview with this newspaper, he emphasizes on more than one occasion how important it is to heal internally, as he explains that this emotional burden, in the long run, can lead to illnesses. “When we live trauma processes, when we have had moments in our lives that have marked us and we have not resolved that energy that was created is still there, in your psyche, very probably somatized in your body and it begins to create filters or layers and there comes a time when you heal and release this emotional charge or you start to get sick”, says Zuluan.

It is for this reason that he defines this conference, with which he travels to some countries, as a way to revisit all this information and transform it into good for the consciousness of each individual, also known as the quantum field. Through this meeting he teaches how to connect with his origin, how to transform his emotions, and how to cleanse or transform his mind and way of thinking. “It is a process of empowerment where we are teaching people that they have more power than they imagine,” judgment.

“If you start to change your way of thinking, you start to purge yourself emotionally, you start to project a positive vision outwards, that is a big change”declares.

Is it possible to achieve this transformation or worsening? “Of course it is possible because we are a spiritual presence, a quantum being that has the ability to project his idea as he wishes”, Zuluan replies.

“The problem is that we get stuck in the mental structure, where we are confined as an individual, as a mind, as a person who has a job, a family, there is nothing wrong with it, but we stay on that spectrum.

According to a 2022 report from the Gallup Global Emotions, Ecuador is among the eight countries with the most negative experiences in the world, such as worry and stress. However, Zuluan, who for years lived in Quito and Cuenca, prefers the good things of Ecuadorians.

“The Ecuadorian generally has a lot of spiritual power and has very deep connections with spiritual roots. In itself the Ecuadorian, from my own perception, is a being who is very peaceful, very calm, and at the same time he is very innocent in many ways and that gives him a lot of spiritual strength”, express.

For more than 36 years he has worked on personal transformation processes in several countries, something that he accompanies with the pleasure that the act of sharing his knowledge gives him.. “I am very passionate about teaching because in my own process I discovered that I could not try to find exclusive peace and happiness… that the happiness of others is as important as our own and that if we really want to take humanity to another level we have to heal everything mutually”, underlines.

Zuluan is the author of more than 17 works, among which is Clearing Cellular Memory, The Twelve States of Consciousness, Enlightenment and Ascension, Y The Refuge of the Heart. (YO)