ZTE will block “irregular import” cell phones in Mexico, this is what we know

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ZTE will disable cell phones “irregular import” in Mexicothe company announced in a press release. As explained by ZTE Corporation of Mexico, “due to the high rates of irregular import of equipment in our country”these devices will be disabled.

ZTE explains that it will send a message to the smartphones of which “He does not recognize” its importation, and recommends users to go to the point of sale where it was purchased because the device will be locked. The message that users will see will be the following:

This equipment is not working properly because it was not designed for networks in Mexico.

The reason for the block, according to ZTE, is that because it does not recognize the import of the devices, “cannot be held responsible for compliance with applicable standards, homologation protocols or warranty policies” because they are equipment that were originally designed for operation and distribution in another country.

ZTE encourages its users to only purchase your devices through formal channels where a guarantee policy is offered for “avoid inconvenience”. In addition, it mentions that users who wish to “exercise their legitimate rights”they must do so in the same place where the device was purchased.

From Xataka Mexico we have contacted ZTE Mexico to clarify doubts that remain regarding this controversial decision. For example, what will happen to imported equipment knowing the lack of warranty, or acquired by third-party distributors, whether national such as Amazon or international such as AliExpress or even your own international official store.

As soon as we have a response, we will update this post with additional information from ZTE.

Finally, this movement of ZTE is unprecedented in Mexico. No smartphone manufacturer has ever said that it will block smartphones purchased from other distribution channels or, as ZTE calls them, from “irregular import” just because they are not designed for operation in the country. We’ll see what happens with ZTE and if this will set a precedent in Mexico.

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