“Zero in Conduct”: what has become of its cast?

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Zero In Conduct Cast Jorge Ortiz De Pinedo Luz Elena Gonzalez
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo produced the program in which he and Luz Elena González were students. Photo: Cuartoscuro

“Zero in Conduct” It was a program that was broadcast on Mexican television between 1999 and 2004. Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo was in the production in which actors such as Light Elena GonzalezAlfonso Iglesias Ruaix “Pompin III” and Homero Feruzca participated playing the students of the “Mártires de Almoloya” school.

The students were always watched over by two well-remembered characters from the comedy show: teacher Canuta (Martha Ofelia Galindo) and director Rigoberto Patiño Pantoja (David Villalpando). Due to the success that the show had on TV, we tell you what has become of its cast more than 20 years after its premiere.

What has become of the cast of “Cero en Conducta”?

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo he’s also the mind behind another small-screen hit, “Doctor Candido Perez”with “Cero en Conducta” could not avoid criticism of the program, however, this did not prevent it from being one of the most watched at that time.

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo

He was the most undisciplined student. His name was Jorge del Mazo Geis and for his friends he was simply Jorgito. The actor, producer, writer and comedian is still active on Mexican TV with programs like “Una familia de Diez” and “Médicos, linea de vida”.

Ortiz shared a long time ago that he has suffered from COPD, chronic lung disease, for years and therefore must use oxygen for life.

Martha Ophelia Galindo

The actress he is 93 years old and it was the irritable teacher Canuta. Her students gave her green hair for her behavior and her way of reprimanding them, verbally and physically, earned her some criticism.

His career also includes part of the golden age of mexican cinema and after “Cero en Conducta” he continued with telenovelas like “Un hook to the heart” and “How poor so rich”. Her last appearance on TV was in “As the saying goes” in 2015.

David Villalpando

He played the director Rigoberto Patiño Pantoja, who was called “professor virolo” because he suffers from strabismus (crossed eyes). Among his most recent jobs, he participates as co-host in the program that “Platanito” has in the United States.

Light Elena Gonzalez

Her role was that of Rosa Celeste, the girl with whom Jorgito was in love. Other productions in which she acted were the telenovelas “Before dead than Lichita”, “My heart is yours” and “Until money separates us”.

Currently, he is 48 years old and She is mother of two children that he had with businessman Bernardo Martínez. She continues to be on TV as a host.

Luis Miguel Hernandez

He is remembered as Agapito Melo Aguirre and was also criticized because his role was considered a source of ridicule for the LGBTTTIQ community.

The actor died at the age of 48 on November 13, 2020. He was still active with his YouTube channel where he shared comedy shows.

Lourdes Deschamps

She was one more student at the “Cero en Conducta” school. The actress died suddenly on December 28, 2018. It is known that the reason for her death was health problems that quickly became complicated.

Ortiz de Pinedo said at that time that shortly before her death they had talked about film projects to which she had been very enthusiastic.

Alfonso Iglesias Ruaix “Pompin III”

He took on the character of Poncho the boy. He is the son of the famous comedian Pompín Iglesias, of whom the phrase “what a beautiful family” is remembered. Currently, he is part of the National Association of Actors.

Homer Ferruzca

It was Homero Cárdenas, the shortest student in the class. He continued working in the theater, the cinema and with presentations with his character of Homerito.

Anastasia Acosta

She joined the program in 2000 and was also a student. Now she is also a producer and in terms of soap operas she was part of “La Piloto II” and “Les Miserables”.

Luis Miguel Hernandez “Queli”

He played Próculo Adame, the boy always wore the mask of the Saint. In real life he is the father of Luis Miguel Hernández, Agapito in the series, and in 2020 he faced a critical situation due to the death of his son.