Zara accuses the brand of buying clothes from her and relabeling her to sell them

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  • Apparel 50 2022 placed Zara as the seventh most valuable apparel brand in the world.

  • Cases of consumer deception with relabeled products have even been reported in Mexico.

  • Deceiving the consumer has become a legal challenge for brands of apparelso intellectual property and copyright have a huge challenge in this regard.

Zara filed a complaint in New York and accuses a brand of buying its clothing, relabeling and selling it as its own at a higher price, and even using the images from its website.

Zara is one of the leading brands in apparelwhere studies as Apparel 50 2022 the place as the seventh most valuable with 12 thousand 9997 million dollars of value, within a list that Nike leads with 33 billion dollars; Vuitton, $23 billion; Gucci, $18 billion and Chanel, $15 billion.

The complaint filed by Zara reveals that one of the most powerful clothing brands in the world is being damaged by an entrepreneur who did not understand the legal framework of this competitive business.

Relabel Zara clothes

thiliko and its owner queenie williams are in trouble after the lawsuit that Zara filed against this brand, accusing it of buying garments in its stores, relabeling them and selling them as its own.

The occurrence of thilikoas stated in the complaint filed in a New York court, even led the brand to take images from the Zara website and pass them off as its own in its online store.

This practice that Zara realized contradicts Thilikó’s promise, where it claims to be a socially responsible company, with carefully designed and sustainably manufactured garments.

Due to this, the lawsuit that Zara filed in a federal court in New York, United States, where the brand is located, maintains that Thilikó is a massive hoax that infringes Zara’s intellectual property and the copyright of its images, with “Zara products improperly labeled and identified as products designed, created and/or manufactured” by said brand.

The ruling made by Zara against Thilikó establishes an unprecedented benchmark in the fashion market, since according to the lawsuit, the brand is even selling Inditex brand garments at a premium, as stated in a comparison of The Fashion Law.

Within this comparison, it shows that a garment that Zara sells identified as Satin Lingerie Style Dress at a price of 49.90 dollars, Thilikó sells it under the name of Irina and a price of 328 dollars, as part of the argument (which Zara identified as deceptive advertising ) of making their garments by hand, becoming, as the lawsuit cites, “false and misleading statements that appeal to issues of primary and material importance to consumers.”

These facts are a very important reference to how certain enterprises are breaking the law to carry out practices that are encouraged on social networks, where products already manufactured without labels are purchased, resold with their own labels and launched on the market.

These practices are a terrible precedent for what is today to sell products on the Internet, so the resolution against Thilikó must demonstrate how the damage to Zara is compensated, which he explains has represented unquantifiable damage to his reputation and goodwill. .

The practice of relabeling products and misleading the consumer is not exclusive to the fashion market. In Mexico, a peculiar case was reported on social networks in 2022, of how consumers purchased Pritt brand glues in downtown Mexico City, during the back-to-school season, only to realize that they were actually manufactured adhesive pencils. by Penmax under the false Pritt label to mislead consumers.

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This incident together with the one denounced by Zara show how important brand ownership is and the influence that the image and reputation of certain products have in order to be purchased by the consumer.

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