Yuridia reacts when Dr. Simi stuffed animal is thrown at her

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Yuridia reacts when Dr. Simi stuffed animal is thrown at her
The singer was seen happy to receive the gift. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

Mexican singer, Yuridiahas one of the most impressive voices, but, in one of his concerts, he laughed after a fan threw one of those famous ones at him dr simi plusha tradition that has taken root in the fans.

In various videos of social networks you can see the exact moment when the public launched a Dr. Simiwhile Yuridia performed her hit “I already forgot”, the singer approached the stuffed animal and let out a small laugh, took the doll in her hands and continued with the song. The native of Hermosillo, Sonora, was observed very happy, after receiving her gift.

Dressed in black and sheathed in a red raincoat, Yuridia she walked very excited around the stage while telling the verse: “I already forgot you, I am free again, I fly back to my life. That it is far away and prohibited…”; the singer could not finish the sentence because she almost burst out laughing.

  • One of his guitarists also smiled as he watched the dr simi on the stage

No one knows for sure how the tradition of throw a stuffed animal of said character national and international singers, but recently Rosalía was presented at the National Auditorium and received one of the famous doctors.

  • Upon receiving the stuffed animals that the fans threw at her, the singer was extremely happy and read the dedications that were written on the curious figures.

Not everyone is very happy with the present, because the fans of the ramstein band They are asking not to launch Simi doctors on stage, and are even organizing a campaign to prevent them from being launched when the group performs in October.

  • The expectation to see if it is thrown into the Dr. Simi on stage is quite big, because nobody is “interested in the presentation of the band”; We will be reporting if the famous stuffed animal is present at the Rammstein concert.