Yuri is characterized as Marilyn Monroe and criticism rains down on him

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Yuri Marilyn Monroe
Yuri surprised with the characterization of Marilyn Monroe. Photo. Darkroom.

Social network users did not receive well a recent publication of the singer Yuriwhere in one photo session was characterized as the American actress and model Marilyn Monroe.

Through her Instagram account, the interpreter of the theme “behind my window” surprised his followers on social networks with a photograph wearing and striking an iconic pose from Marilyn Monroe.

Image that accompanied with a phrase from the american actresswhich refers to success:

“Success makes many people hate you, I wish it weren’t like that… It would be wonderful to enjoy success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you…”.

Although various celebrity personalities wrote in support of Yuri, such as Galilea Montijo, Anette Cuburu and Maribel Guardiaseveral users also criticized it.

  • “She also said, I can’t take it anymore and she killed herself, alone and depressed because no one cared about that part of her life focusing on envy… tremendous banality.”
  • “Exactly her life was very sad, and when Pastor Billy Graham spoke to her about Jesus, she rejected him, everyone knows the end.”
  • “Ma’am, they don’t envy you for your success, but for your hypocrisy, by calling yourself a religious person, they make you see the reality of your career, which is almost over thanks to your own words.”

Sold out at Arena Monterrey

Likewise, Yuri highlighted his presentation with a full house, at the Arena Arena Monterreythe sixth as the actress also referred, as part of her “Euphoria Tour 2022”.

“You have made this dream possible once again, it is my sixth Arena with a full house, thank you very much”.


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