Yulay surprises at the Elliot Awards with “5 pesos outfit”

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  • Today, according to Linktree, there are more than 200 million content creators worldwide.

  • A survey conducted by Morning Consult reports that more than 80 percent of young people in Latin America want to become content creators.

  • With more than three million subscribers, Yulay is one of the most relevant content creators in the history of YouTube.

A few days ago, the eighth edition of the Elliot Awards took place, where, for the first time, the youtuber Yulay, one of the most popular content creators today.

“Social networks”, “influencers” and “content creators” are terms that we have lived with for a few years and that, however, continue to grow over time.

And it is that, in short, it is clear that we live in an era in which platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, among others, are part of people’s daily activities, in addition to the fact that, on the other hand, they represent a great space for brands in order to reach a larger number of audiences.

For this purpose, the so-called “content creators” are an important strategy, thanks to their proximity to Internet users and, in some way, due to the power of influence they have over their followers.

They have grown so much that, to date, a study prepared by the platform Tomson suggests that 92 percent of people are more receptive to recommendations made by other users about brands or products, even if they don’t personally know who they’re recommending.

Now, that’s not all, because a recent report by postcron reveals that 66 percent of people trust reviews posted on social media more.

These data speak to how, over the years, content creators (also called “influencers”) have positioned themselves in the preference of Internet users, to a large extent, because today there are a large number of Internet users around the world.

Yulay attends the Elliot Awards with “5 pesos outfit” and shows it

Of course, in this context, it can be said that YouTube was the platform that started it all in terms of content creators and, later, in digital marketing, a space that served for personalities of the stature of Luisito Comunica, Werevertumorro, el Escorpión Dorado, Yulay, among others, began to gain popularity and, incidentally, pave the way for those who found a new source of income in social networks.

Currently, Yulay has an audience of 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone, its strongest platform, and a community of followers with whom it has been able to connect thanks to its content, which, since its inception, has shown interesting points.

What’s this all about? As we mentioned at the beginning, a few days ago the eighth edition of the Elliot Awards was held, an event dedicated to the most important Spanish-speaking content creators today.

According to a video published on TikTok, a social network in which Yulay has also managed to position himself, it was revealed that this was the first time that the youtuber was invited to said “gala”, which is why, according to what is known shows in the images, she decided to go to one of the most popular tianguis in Mexico City, the Las Torres tianguis, in Iztapalpa, where she bought her “5-peso outfit” that she used at the Elliot Awards.


Putting together my outfit with $5 for the Eliot Awards #yulay #party #influencers

? original sound – Yulay

Today, bale or second-hand clothing has gained significant popularity thanks, precisely, to a series of content creators. In fact, a survey carried out between March and April of last year detailed that 42 percent of the so-called Generation Z population (ages 18-24) and Millennials (ages 25-37) He claimed to have made purchases of second-hand clothing, footwear and other accessories during 2020.

From this perspective, and taking into account the contents carried out by the youtuber In question, it is not surprising that he created said video, because, in a way, we are talking about a personality that has great sympathy among Internet users, who classify him as “the most humble.”

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