Yulay fails to go to Qatar, but Chumel Torres does and becomes a narrator

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  • FIFA has disclosed the income it collects from the transmission of rights.

  • The arrival of Chumel Torres in Qatar reminds us how important it is for content creators to attend face-to-face events.

  • Chumel Torres, Ricardo Salinas and even a tiktoker who brought alcohol to Qatar are some of the Mexican media personalities at the World Cup.

Yulay is next to Chumel Torres two of the best-known Mexican youtubers for their content and while the first is following the World Cup match on TV, the second arrived in Qatar to become what he called “the worst storyteller of the event.”

The meeting of teams in the Qatari desert brought together various media personalities, from a tiktoker who went viral for bringing alcohol into Qatar with the Mexican flag, businessman Ricardo Salinas and now Chumel Torres, who attended the World Cup meeting to generate content on networks .

As part of this match, today the match between Mexico and Poland is being played, which marks the premiere of the Mexican National Team in the event followed worldwide.

“Already coming to support the National Team. Let’s go guys! Do not miss the worst narration of the game in this one, his trusty arroba. On behalf of myself and the entire team that works at Chumel Torres, we appreciate your preference,” explained the Mexican youtuber.

Just like Torres, various content creators have given an account of their experience in the World Cup meeting, recalling how important the meeting has become and not only that, the capacity that communication has reached through social networks in events such as a meeting World Cup, like a Ricardo Salinas presuming that the Azteca signal reaches the televisions of Qatar.

Numbers behind Qatar

Before the World Cup celebration there is insights relevant, such as the fact that along with the generation of content that is being carried out on social networks, the FIFA he has collected More than two thousand 500 million dollars in meetings like the one held in 2018, just for broadcast rights, has reached very high figures.

“This year, the creators of Youtube both on the field and at home are having fun with YouTube Shorts. With a combined reach of more than 90 million subscribers from around the world, the creators Destroying, Jesser, Cheeky Boyos, Noor Stars and Rima will share their experiences in the first round of matches in person.

Fans at home can join in the excitement by following #ShortsFIFAWorldCup. use this hashtag to also share your World Cup fever and join in the fun using Remix on Shorts to create your own reactions. As the games come to an end, the creators Carter Sharer, Lizzy Capri, Ahmad Aburob, AboFlah Y Saba7o Korah they will also have exclusive content of the semifinals and the final matches that you will not want to miss, ”he explained. Youtube about the participation he will have in the Qatari meeting.

Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances have become valuable and proof of how important it is for consumers to have resources, through which it is possible to quantify consumption in the market.

For the World Cup meeting, alliances with digital media, charging for TV broadcast rights and at the end of the day, the appearance of content creators at the meeting are worthwhile, proving how important activity has become in networks social.

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