Youtuber asks Elon Musk for a job… as CEO of Twitter

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  • The South African tycoon bought Twitter for $44 billion after a legal “whirlwind.”

  • Elon Musk has generated controversy since then for making controversial decisions in the corporate environment of the social network.

  • In the first month since the change of address, the digital platform had lost up to 50 percent of its workforce.

Elon Musk has not resigned as CEO of Twitterdespite promising it in an impromptu survey among his followers, but, at least, he already has a proposal that he does not seem to dislike, because MrBeast, the most subscribed YouTuber in the world, volunteered to run the company.

And it is that, after the South African tycoon agreed to find a suitable successor to take Twitter to another stage in digital while he can spend time on SpaceX and his plans to travel and colonize Mars, or prioritize the financial and operational status of Tesla, Several proposals have appeared on the social network.

In fact, his followers have grown the interaction that the businessman gives them, since he daily externalizes his free ideas and answers posts regardless of whether or not the accounts of celebrities and public figures are verified.

He has even made his own followers part of the decisions he has made during the restructuring of the company, whether or not they are controversial. Since he took over Twitter they have gone viral mass layoffsinternal changes in policies and international operations, a stampede of voluntary resignations, offensive messages, account blocking, censors journalists Y impromptu polls about his steps as CEO.

Youtuber asks Elon Musk for a job… as CEO of Twitter

In the search for a new leader for Twitter, Elon Musk received an interesting proposal: MrBeast He asked him for a job in a publication that soon exploded on the networks.

He is the youtuber with the most subscribers in the world, a character that exceeds influence in influence and digital impact to large commercial channels, industries and even nations, since he accumulates more than 123 million regular fans.

Through his Twitter account, the youtuber asked: “Can I be the CEO of Twitter?”a situation that got fans and users around the world out of control, especially when the billionaire tycoon responded: ‘It’s not out of the question’leaving the discussion on the table and the door open to the content creator.

As expected, Musk’s response generated an avalanche of reactions that revived the controversial survey in which the businessman lost against himself when asked if he should remain in charge of Twitter or not, obtaining 57.5 percent negative responses and 42.5 percent in favor.

With the support and satire generated by this little joke, MrBeast continued to win over the owner of Twitter, as he even warned that if he stayed as the new CEO his first order of the day would be “make creators actually want to post videos on Twitter and not just link to other platforms,” to which Elon Musk replied: “I couldn’t agree more.”

Although this was the most controversial and “dreamed” proposal of many, since the youtuber is known for making videos with changes and raising funds for large sums of money destined for social causes, recently the well-known hacker George Hotz (who violated the defenses PlayStation 3 and the original iPhone) also applied to Twitter, became part of its ranks and then defected when he considered that “it was not the job he expected.”

However, despite the fact that all the uncertainty about the direction of the social network causes this type of interaction to generate high or low expectations, the steps that Elon Musk is going to take in the near future are not clear.

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