YouTube tests putting up to five ads in a row for users who do not pay Premium

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YouTube is testing new features in the advertising section for those who are not subscribed to its Premium version. According to users and the platform itself, a new system is being tested for those who use the free version, where they stop seeing two ads before starting to play videos and they are shown up to five.

According to several users on Twitter and in Redditbegan to see this new form of advertising, which, as with the format used up to now, they cannot be omitted.

In this regard, Youtube confirmed that indeedthis amount of ads can only be displayed with a certain type of format, called “bumper ads”, which in principle can only last up to six secondswhich cannot be skipped after a few seconds.

However, reviewing one of the cases, it is possible to observe that one of the ads lasts 12 seconds and not the six that the company points out, so it seems that the implementation is still far from complete.

At the moment, most users who are not subscribed to YouTube Premium continue to see up to two ads before you start your video, but no information on when this “newness” is planned to be implemented throughout the platform.

The option to have no ads

Let us remember that the YouTube Premium service It has a price in Mexico of 239 pesos per month if contracted in family planwhile the individual version is at a cost of 119 pesos per month.

In the case of iOS, if it is decided to contract from the App Store itself, the price is 329 pesosas the company charges an additional percentage on apps, goods, and digital services within its app.

Although it has not reached Mexico, the platform is also testing a cheap subscription to watch videos without ads though without other plan benefitsas an option to download multimedia content or playback in the background outside the app.