Young people miss their flights to see Bad Bunny and their father drives 800 km to take them

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A woman named Daniela Arzaga from Chihuahua announced on her TikTok account that her father took her and her sister on the road to the BBVA Stadium in Monterrey where Bad Bunny performed, all because their flights had been cancelled.

In the video titled ‘thank you, dad and Benito for existing’, the young woman showed a screenshot that reads: “this time we are contacting you to inform you that your flight with reservation code CB66WW has been canceled for weather reasons ”.

Then Daniela mentions: “my dad: ‘get ready, I’ll take you on the road’”, and let her see how her father is driving. The distance from the city of Chihuahua to the BBVA Stadium is more than 819 kilometers, which takes almost 10 hours by car. So it is not an easy journey.

Daniela shared a video inside the venue with the caption “and we managed to get there”, then you see the moment in which the ‘Bad Rabbit’ takes the stage and the cheers of the fans are heard.

Finally, the girl pointed out: “Everything is for you, Benito”, this because the real name of the Puerto Rican singer is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio.

The publication generated comments flattering Daniela Arzaga’s father: “how beautiful your father”, “that old man is worth gold”, “the best father in the world”, “having a father like that is priceless”, “please tell your Daddy, he’s a gentleman”, “You have a super dad and God bless him. My respects to the Lord”, “what a super cool action from dad”, “they have a superhero like dad”.

December 9 and 10 will be the last two concerts of Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, so there is a great furor around those two dates for which there are no more tickets, the which on the Stubhub platform are sold for up to $593,502 pesos.

It is the last opportunity for the fans of the Puerto Rican singer to see him live, as he announced that during 2023 he will temporarily retire from the stage, as he said in an interview he gave to Billboard: “2023 is for me, for my physical health, for my emotional health, to breathe, to enjoy the achievements. Let’s celebrate it. Let’s go here, let’s go there. Let’s go to the boat. Let’s go to the water 2023 is for me”.


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