Young man demonstrates with his INE that his name is “Goku” and it goes viral

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  • According to data from the Civil Registry, in Mexico City there are some people named James Dean, James Bond, Bon Jovi or Madonna.

  • In the State of Mexico, in 2017, a total of 2,115 people have requested a name change.

  • The First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation determined that everyone has the right to a name.

Social networks have become the best exposure and communication window for many people, where a new viral case arises daily due to the peculiarity of the story. This is the case of a young tiktoker who surprised everyone because of the peculiarity of his name, so he had to show his INE in a video on the social network so that they would believe that his name is “Goku Pérez”.

Many people have always wondered if it is possible to give their children the name they want, in Mexico there is the free right to choose their own name. Before that, the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nationdetermined that every person has the right to a name, made up of their own name and surnames, and it must be chosen freely by the person himself, his parents or guardians, according to the time of registration without any restriction or interference.

But many times that freedom leads people to give the most creative and peculiar names to their little children, who are the ones who later suffer the consequences. If something characterizes Mexicans, it is the ingenuity and imagination they have for names and nicknames, that is why it is normal that there are a large number of registered rare names in the country.

In the State of Mexico, in 2017, According to data from the Civil Registry in the State, a total of 2,115 people have requested a name change, since most are fictional characters, soap operas, soccer players and even cartoons.

His name is ‘Gokú’ and he shows it with his INE

As if it were a joke, a user identified on TikTok as Goku Pérez (@goku_paloscuates) went viral after assuring his real name is Goku, just like the emblematic protagonist of the Dragon Ball anime saga.

Through a recording on the video social network, the young man shared the image of his INE, to confirm to all people that his real name is that of the anime character.

In the recording that registers 145 thousand likes, the young man makes a trend in which he says “My parents named me Goku so that people tell me ‘Kakarotto, Poporotto, Iseco, Gokul *'”, he says as a joke.

However, at the end of the images he clarifies that this is the name with which he was registered by his mother and father: “And yes, that’s my name, check my account.”

@goku_paloscuates It always happens to me but that’s limited haha ​​I always teach it 👀 #kakaroto #Goku #dbz_moments #dbz #Dragon Ball Z #dragonball #hello I’m goku #ine #Name #prettynames #comedy #comedyhumor #comediahumortiktok #childhood ♬ Let Me Live – Rocío Dúrcal

The video already has 1.1 million views and almost 2 thousand comments, among which many Internet users claimed to have heard other rare names in Mexicans.

As a trend of the Chinese video platform, the young man, requested more people to call themselves with Dragon Ball character names along with a girl named Bulma.

@goku_paloscuates hello I’m goku !!!! follow @arminist.oficial #viral #fypシ #for you #cool #dragonball #Goku #kakaroto #anime ♬ Dragon Ball Rap – Porta

In the comments, a girl assured that her father’s name is Roshi and another said his name was Álezx Gohan. Likewise, others mention that they know people who have names of anime characters and even a woman claims to have met a man named Vegeta, another series character.

In addition, the same young man, as a joke, assures in one more video that he will name his son ‘Gohan’, because in the animation that is the name of the character’s son.

“In the kindergarten where I work there is a “Kalvyn Clein”, yes, like that, misspelled,” reads one comment.

“I met a person named inuyasha,” says another Internet user.

“Definitely, if I have a son, I will call him Goku, I have already seen about 3 weyes that are called that,” says another Internet user.

Thanks to the reach of social networks, today it is normal for us to find out about these types of stories, which perhaps many people do not even imagine exist.

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