young man cries because he was given ‘Twilight’ in the size he did not want

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The user of TikTok @paufitch from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, shared a video on January 29 in which you can see the moment in which her teenage sister cries inconsolably when she discovers that they had bought her the four books of the ‘Twilight’ saga written by Stephenie Meyer, in an edition that seemed very small to her.

“It’s very small, mom, it can’t open well”, the minor complained when she saw the works. Given this, her family member narrated: “that’s how ungrateful people are. Now we are going to see why she is crying. There is the crying, the ungrateful people, after one buys the books, see, and one is even worse, ”she mentioned while she showed the stack of volumes.

The woman continued: “Pretend that we bought the whole sagaBecause she already had number 1, so we bought her 2,3,4 and 5. Her cry is because she says it’s pocket size. Do you think that she is a pocket? And she goes there crying ”.

So @paufitch opened one of the books to show that everything was correct with them: “look, it’s a good size, I see the letters very well. There is no doubt that the more they are given, the more they want, that is, they are not paying for it, they are giving it to them and they do not want it out of pocket. If this doesn’t fit in my bag.”

Then he showed his teenage sister who was claiming her mother: “You can never accept that it is your fault. I don’t want it out of pocket. He is small, why did you order him so small? I want him big.

To which her sister replies: “so easy, you go back and they refund the money and that’s it, the problem is over, there’s the solution.”

The day before, @paufitch had shared a video in which he showed the moment he opened the package in which the four books arrived and expressed concern that he thought the correct volumes had not been sent to him.

The video generated comments such as: “what I would give to have, even if they are paperbacks”, “I wish my mom would buy me the Twilight books”, “my dad bought me the complete saga at a used book bazaar , and I was happy at that time”, “I do that and my mom hits me with the flip-flop and doesn’t buy me anything again”, “what I would give because my parents would be interested in my tastes”.


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