Young cleaning man was cheered at a Bad Bunny concert for doing a somersault

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On December 3 and 4, Bad Bunny’s tour began in Mexico and his first stop was in Monterrey, at the BBVA Stadium, which left several moments to remember, such as the Puerto Rican singer wearing a zarape that a fan gave him or the 28 complaints before the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office for the sale of false or cloned tickets.

But without a doubt, a great moment that a young man from the cleaning staff will never forget was when the audience cheered for him doing a stunt while cleaning the stage prior to the concert.

In the recording made by the user Itzel Mazariegos, you can see the young man standing on the stage squeezing a mop, meanwhile, the fans of the “bad rabbit” yell at him: “come back, come back!” Then the boy dropped the haircut and walked to the front, rolled up his sweatshirt sleeves, took off his cap, and did a flip.

But it wasn’t just any movement, as the young man did a backward somersault, which requires a lot of practice and is very dangerous if you don’t have a good fall. Once the pirouette was executed, all those present applauded him and shouted to applaud him.

Although the audience yelled “another, another, another!”, the boy picked up the mop, his bucket and walked to the back of the stage raising his hand in triumph as the people continued to applaud him.

The publication generated comments such as: “it was the most artistic part of the concert”, “when a person is happy with what they do”, “it was the greatest show of talent of the night”, “he raffled it off, I supported him from the stands” , “the happiest day for him”, “it was his moment to shine and he did it”.

On December 9 and 10, Bad Bunny will perform at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, and as in the other Latin American cities where he has performed, there are no more tickets available, so his fans have called a party outside the recently and they are agreeing on a Telegram group that currently has 4,096 members.


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