You should never put your WiFi repeater in these places in your house

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What places to avoid for a Wi-Fi repeater

Correctly locating this type of device is essential so that the coverage really reaches where we are interested. Otherwise we would continue having problems connecting to the Wifi and it could even go worse than connecting directly to the router. Therefore, avoid making these mistakes that we mentioned.

Along with other appliances

A major mistake is to place the Wi-Fi repeater close to other home appliances. For example, a microwave, which operates on a frequency close to 2.4 GHz, can affect the signal. But also other devices such as a television, for example. Even devices that use Bluetooth can be affected.

Therefore, our advice is to place the Wi-Fi repeater as far as possible from appliances of this type. Avoid putting it near other devices that may be affecting the signal.

In an area with very little coverage

Another common mistake is to put it in an area that is too far from the router and the coverage does not arrive well. If the wireless repeater receives a very poor signal, it will not be able to offer a good connection and we will not be able to connect correctly and surf the Internet without interruptions.

It is important that the Wi-Fi repeater receives a good signal. This does not mean that it will offer a connection as if we were next to the router, but at least that it can distribute through that area with an acceptable speed.

Near large obstacles

You may also experience problems if you place the wireless repeater near obstacles that may prevent the signal from flowing correctly. For example, a large wall, a metallic piece of furniture that blocks the signal, etc. Any obstacles that may be there will affect wireless coverage.

Also avoid putting it, for example, in a corner, where it will have walls next to it. It is better that it be in a central place, from where it can better distribute the signal and that it reaches other areas of the house without problems.

Far from where you need it

This failure is common sense, but it should be mentioned because it sometimes happens. Ideally, you should place the repeater in an area where you will actually use it. Don’t put it in a location where you are not going to connectsince you would be wasting the resources of this device and you would have limitations.

Always use common sense when choosing where to place the Wi-Fi repeater well. The idea is that you can connect computers, mobile phones and other devices to it without problems and achieve a good connection.

In short, as you can see, there are certain mistakes that you can make when placing a Wi-Fi repeater at home. It is important that you avoid failures like the ones we have explained, since you could see that the coverage decreases and you would have problems navigating.

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