Yailin and Anuel say that they will not show Cataleya’s face at birth and that they will make a documentary of her

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When asked if they were going to show the face of Cataleya, music celebrity Yailin He said no, not to show the baby’s face until she is four or five months old, thus telling fans that they have to wait and also announcing that he will make a documentary of the entire process.

The most popular Dominican singer, Yailin Y Anuel AA, They are waiting with love for their first daughter, who will be called Cataleya, The artist, who is six months pregnant, is contacting her fans on social networks to tell them all the details of her pregnancy.

“The most viral” put a story to be asked questions and when asked about the date of birth of Cataleya, she said that she will arrive in this world at the end of March or beginning of April, she also said that when she found out that she was pregnant, she was already two months old.

She also said that when she found out she was pregnant with Anuel AA, His brain stopped working for about half an hour, but this was due to happiness and I take the opportunity to say that if he had been a boy, his preferred name would be Jorge Emanuel and I take the opportunity to issue a harsh warning to his millions of fans.

The artist has also announced that she will make a documentary that records every second of her daughter’s arrival.

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