Xolos and his parade of DT’s for “mischief” that Tigres did to themMediotiempo

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A michael herrera, Tigres “sold” him the idea of ​​a long-term project and he did not fulfill it, since he only remained three tournaments in front of the cats; this fact is remembered when the cats were measured against Xolos, since the auriazul club influenced so that the border team lived a parade of techniciansso far without achieving stability.

Pablo Guede resigned from the border in April 2021, when Day 14 of the Clausura tournament was taking place; it was then that Xolos searched for the lousewith the intention that in the last dates he achieved the pass to the Repechage.

Piojo chose to go to Tigres

Louse’s response was that I preferred to wait to direct starting the Opening 2021aware that Tijuana would not wait for him to have that urge to sneak into the Fiesta Grande and that I already had the offer of Tigres on the tableafter finalizing the contract with Ricardo Ferretti.

it was so Xolos had no choice but to hire another coachso he came to the helm Robert Dante Siboldibut his administration did not last long, he did not achieve the Repechage and at the end of September 2021 was terminated due to the bad step of the team, which again would be left without the Liguilla in the Opening, already with Sebastian Mendez in front, which was repeated in the Clausura 2022.

The Opening 2022 had, with Ricardo Valino, renewed illusions, but again they failed, they barely added 17 points to finish in 15th place; even so, they gave continuity to this helmsman to start the Clausura 2023.

This has been the parade of technicians for Xolos, all because Tigres had already flirted with Piojo and won it over at the timeAnd for what? The cats stopped him despite having achieved three major tournamentsin which they were protagonists.

However, for those of the UANL, the fact of not reaching a final counted more, which Miguel made a mistake in an alignment and of course, what weighed most of all was his statement to call “old” to the auriazul campus.

Now, Xolos tries to be reborn with Valiño and not having to fire a technician again, but for the moment just add one point out of sixThey have not had a good start; and on the other hand, Herrera is without a team, but even if there was a new offer from Tijuana, once again I would reject it because the Piojo is waiting for the Tri.

Piojo already led Xolos

Miguel Herrera already lived a stage with Xolosin the Clausura 2016 he was in front, but his best tournaments with this team were the Apertura 2016 and Clausura 2017, since in both he was a super leader with 33 and 30 points, respectively, advancing to the Liguilla where he was eliminated in the Quarterfinals and Semifinals.


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