WWE would have been adamant in its decision to keep Triple H in creative command

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WWE lives one of the most important and transcendental moments in its history. The return of Vince McMahon to the presidency of the company It has been a real mess in an administration that was in the middle of a transition process. The company, which just a few months ago, seemed to have entered a new phase, has experienced an unexpected turn of events, which could lead to its sale to an investor from Saudi Arabia.

The news jumped last night, spreading like wildfire on the Internet. The fans did not take long to echo this, showing their astonishment and discomfort at a purchase that many already took for granted. Several outlets confirmed the rumors at first, while others chose to remain cautious..

WWE sources were quick to confirm to all the media that the rumors were completely false. and that, despite the fact that the sale is a real possibility, they are still considering all the options. One of the specialized media that has been asking its sources in the company since yesterday has been Fightingwho has offered an update on the situation.

Return of Vince McMahon to the creative part and fear of talents

“Fightful spoke with numerous talents who debunked various rumors, but they were very concerned and had many questions. A prevailing fear is that Vince McMahon will try to return to the creative side with a sale, and the Saudis are the only entity that would possibly allow that to happen.” wrote the medium.

“There are many fighters, both those who have returned, and the main stars of the company, who have told Fightful that they would leave if a sale to the saudis was announced. Others believe there would be significant roster rejection if Vince McMahon were to get creative again.with talent speaking to Fightful on a daily basis asking if there have been any updates on him pushing to return to that role.”

The case of Triple H

WWE was adamant in their official ability for Triple H to remain in his role creatively, as well as in live events and talent.“It was briefly rumored last night that he had been moved to work international live events, but we haven’t received any verification on that.”

The rumors about the sale of WWE

There were also rumors that the talents were informed of a sale, which is absolutely false.“, the outlet wrote. “From all points of the roster, the talents learned the rumors when the rest of the world did, as well as the news of the resignation of Stephanie McMahon and the return of Vince McMahon to the company. They were not warned in advance, they were not given answers and they have not been informedFightful pointed out.

“WWE sources consistently dismissed rumors of a sale closing last night, and denied it more adamantly this morning. To reiterate, throughout this time, despite growing rumors, there was nothing to indicate that this It was very advanced” ended the medium.

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