WWE thinks of Steve Austin as an alternative plan to The Rock at WrestleMania

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Over the years, we have realized that in WWE anything is possible. Without going very far, last year, at WrestleMania 38, we witnessed the return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to the ring. The Rattlesnake faced Kevin Owens and took the victory in one of the most remembered moments of 2022.

the story with Steve Austin It would not have ended and his return to the ring at WrestleMania 39 was even rumored after several videos were published showing his physical condition. However, his return would not be linked to any rival, and it is that We are talking about a possible fight against Roman Reigns himself.

Sean Ross Sapp, a journalist for Fightful, has revealed that WWE contacted “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. The English portal wrestlingnews reported that one of the plans for the great event was to use Cody Rhodes in one of the two title fights that will supposedly take place. Apparently, Cody Rhodes’ plan B, in case The Rock did not appear, was Steve Austin, to whom WWE would have offered a large amount of money, even more than last year. There is also speculation about another great opponent for Austin, although who has not been specified.

There are rumors that The Rock may not returnand we can confirm that WWE has had some plans in case that happens, and some VERY BIG ideas,” Sean Ross Sapp wrote on his paid Patreon channel.

“Fightful Select has learned that an idea was pitched internally for a ‘great opponent’ for Stone Cold Steve Austin, which Fightful Select was told would be Roman Reigns,” Sapp wrote. “In the summer of 2022, Fightful reported that Austin was approached with a deal that wasn’t all that attractive from a financial standpoint. People we spoke to at WWE stated that they had not received a response on whether or not the most recent offer was acceptedand another source indicated that another ‘big name’ was offered in the previous months”.

“In early December, the title matches at WrestleMania (as reported by WrestlingNews.co) were scheduled to be Drew McIntyre/Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins on the first night and Cody Rhodes/another opponent vs. Roman Reigns on the second. We don’t know how or if that has changed.”

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