WWE SmackDown: Uncle Howdy applies the Sister Abigail to Bray Wyatt

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Uncle Howdy attacked Bray Wyatt with her own finisher, Sister Abigail, at the beginning of the broadcasts of Friday Night SmackDownafter a segment between Wyatt himself with LA Knight.

Wyatt began the show with an openness to the public about whether he was a good person and he regretted what he did in the past, something he did not do but he did want to apologize to the cameraman who attacked last week in the middle of the ring. But LA Knight interrupted him with his music.

Knight mocked him and accused him of being someone who had a hard time keeping his sanity, who went mad easily. Besides, was adamant in his statement that Wyatt was to blame for the attack he received recentlywho paid someone like Uncle Howdy to knock him out.

As Bray was about to reply, Uncle Howdy made his intrusion. He walked up the ramp with a nearly dark enclosure and stood facing them both in the center of the ring. She then moved to Wyatt’s right and surprised him by attacking him with her own finisher, Sister Abigail.before leaving the place.

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