Wrestler Son of Fishman beats up fan for a beer

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son of fishman
Fishman’s Son hit a fan. Photo: IWRG

In a function that took place at the Naucalpan Arena, there was a rare moment when the wrestler son of fishman came down from the ring, confronted and punched a fan who threw him a beer.

The wrestling It is characterized by the closeness that exists between fans and gladiators; However, there are times when the thin imaginary line that divides it is crossed and we see cases like the one that took place last Sunday, when Fishman’s son He came down from the string to settle scores with an amateur.

Within the business function International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG)the son of the legend was in a third party fight in which he teamed up with Son of Pirate Morgan Y Black Abyss Jr. and they fought against Luke, Hell Boy and Son of Canis Lupus.

On social networks, the fragment of the video circulates where you can see how the gladiator is attacked by the fan who throws beer at him, for which the son of the superstar He steps out of the ring and hits the fan.

In the official transmission of the fight it is seen that the son of fishman is stopped by a person who appears to be working in the arena or for the wrestling company, for which the wrestler leaves the venue and never returns.

The fight had already finished and the triumph was declared for Luka, Hell Boy and Son of Canis Lupus due to the disqualification of the third of the Son of Fishman, who used a strange powder to try to beat their rivals.

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