World Champion in singles and doubles

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Last August 10with Paola Longoria in front, the national racquetball team made public that the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Conade) denied financial support to participate in the World Championship that was at the door (August 19 to 27) and of which Mexico would host (San Luis Potosí 2022).

Athletes used social networks to ask for help and even they opened an account through the site’gofundme‘ with the aim of receiving economic support that would allow them to cover the expenses (transfers, lodging, meals) of their participation in the World.

Before the demonstration of the racquetball players, both the conade as its owner, Anna Guevaraimmediately responded that the members of the Racquetball Federation could not receive resources because some of them had not verified expenses of past competitions, which exceed 400 thousand pesos.

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“From that federation no one can receive resourcesthe entire board of directors, all athletes, coaches, disciplinary body, everyone shouldand they cannot receive money.

They are going to have a World Cup and unfortunately they cannot be supported because they have no way to receive recourse. That’s the stage and we cannot fall into the game that if there are no resources the results will not be givenGuevara sentenced.

Faced with the position of the official, Paola Longoria pointed out that she decided to “raise her voice” to denounce that sport in Mexico is in decline and without support from the authorities.

“The checks were made at the time, I personally delivered plane tickets, hotel receipts, food receipts, and those receipts were lost because there is a constant change of officials there (at Conade), and that’s not our problem Y That’s why they are punishing us by not supporting us in the World Championship.

It makes me very sad that there is no support in sports in Mexico, it is in decline when there is too much talent, because due to the lack of support many are left in the middle or even many discard it and decide not to continue in the sport”, declared the number one in the world.

In addition, Longoria denounced that his Conade scholarship was reduced by more than 70 percent and it was six thousand pesos a month, which he has not received since January of this year. And he added that he has been without any support from the organization for two years.


After the controversyPaola concentrated exclusively on the sports themeand at the 2022 World Racquetball Championship held in her state, San Luis Potosí, she endorsed why she is number one in the world.

Yesterday, Thursday, it was proclaimed World Champion in singles after defeating in the Final (12-10, 11-6 and 11-7) the Guatemalan Gabriela Martinez.

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In this way, Longoria won the fifth world title in his career 2012, 2014, 2016, 2021 and now in 2022and is the greatest winner in history in these fair

And minutes later, Paola played the Women’s Doubles Final with Samantha Salasand there too the mexicans showed their faces and won first place they defeated in a match to the Argentine duo made up of Valeria Centellas and Natalia Mendezwith partials of 11-6, 15-17, 11-9, 9-11 and 12-10.

That’s the way it is, with everything and that they did not receive support from the National Sports Commissionboth Paola and the rest of the national teams showed that Racquetball Mexico has top-level representatives.