‘Wonder Woman 3’ has been canceled and DC could once again do without Henry Cavill as Superman after his acclaimed return in ‘Black Adam’

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A new revolution has come to DC. It was to be expected that the change of leadership leading the studio brought changes, but what perhaps no one expected is that the first of them would be the cancellation of ‘Wonder Woman 3’.

Winds of change

That is what is ensured from The Hollywood Reporter -and later confirmed by Deadline-, where they state that Patty Jenkins recently delivered the treatment for ‘Wonder Woman 3’ that he had written with Geoff Johns and the response you received from James Gunn and Peter Safran is that the project does not fit into his future plans for DC. It is unknown what will be the next step to take with the solo adventures of the superheroine played by gal gadot.

Apparently, the problem was not a question of costs, but that does not mean that in Warner go to save yours with this decision. Apparently, Gadot was going to collect 20 million dollars for the film and Jenkins another 12. Given the catastrophic performance at the box office of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’It is not too difficult to understand that this decision has been made either.

Also, this could be the first big move for this new version of DC to completely dispense with all the actors who headlined the Snyderverse. There has not been a decision taken, but it could even mean the departure of Jason Momoa like Aquaman. He would be crazy, but he is the one who has the most chances to stay on board.

A particularly complicated case is that of henry cavill like Superman. Remember that the actor only Return because dwayne johnson managed to change Warner’s mind, because the study did not want his return. His return was widely applauded and there was general enthusiasm when talk began about ‘man of steel 2’. Initially that was the plan, but the flop at the box office of ‘Black Adam’ and Gunn and Safran’s new plans have complicated things. And, obviously, it’s also made the chances of a ‘Black Adam’ sequel pretty slim…

Apparently, it will be next week when a meeting takes place that will begin to clarify things a bit, like a cameo that has been shot for ‘The Flash’ that may have to be eliminated because it includes a promise that they already begin to think that they are not going to want to fulfill. And then there is the issue that there are several films pending release that could later be a success. What a mess.

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