Woman who caught a Bad Bunny tennis shoe in Monterrey reveals the size, brand and smell of the shoe

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Photo: TikTok video capture via @biancasaldivar120294 / Getty Images

During this weekend, two Bad Bunny presentations were held at the BBVA Stadium in Monterrey, Nuevo León, which were sold out and caused a sensation among their fans; One of them took a peculiar memory, because his brother caught one of the tennis shoes that the singer threw towards the public.

In a video shared by the TikTok user @biancasaldivar120294, you can see the moment in which the Puerto Rican took off his shoes and threw it, then a man caught him among all the fans who wanted to reach him. That is why the rest of the concert was carrying, dancing and singing with the shoes.

The singer’s fans began to write him various questions about the sneaker, so on December 6 he shared a new video in which he resolved all the doubts: “I’m going to answer all the questions about famous tennis. It’s an Adidas Ultra Boos. Fits 10.5 or 8.5 Mexican. It is a very beautiful, precious tennis. Just like he took it off, that’s how it came to us.”

Then he brought the shoe closer to his face and began to sniff it, immediately commenting: “it smells, it smells, of the love of my life.”

Many young women gave her recommendations on what to do with the precious object: “I would put it in an acrylic box”, “I’ll buy it for you, friend, serious offer”, “sister, I envy you”, “this lady is the favorite of god”, “sister, let us do witchcraft, I will guide you”.

Another great moment of his presentations in Monterrey was when the singer spoke to a couple about their baby they were expecting and they said he had been baptized. “A round of applause for this beautiful couple. One more Mexican, I have not married, nor do I have children. When I see that, it still surprises me, so congratulations on that,” said Bad Bunny.

Finally, the Puerto Rican mentioned: “A very nice couple, he looks like a soap opera heartthrob, you could be in any soap opera. She looks fun and loving, he is seen to be a man who respects her, who loves her very much. What an emotion, but he has a jealous face ”.


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