Woman Orders $6,000 Plate at Anniversary Dinner; who should pay?

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  • It is estimated that during 2022, Mexicans will increase their food consumption in restaurants by 34 percent.

  • At least 69 percent of people in North America eat at restaurants and food establishments.

  • In Mexico, 40 percent of people say they eat out at least once or twice a week.

It is normal for the content that we find today in social networks to generate discussion in the digital world, as is the case with the anniversary dinner of a couple that has gone viral on TikTok, after the woman ordered a $300 meal (around 6,000 Mexican pesos), while her boyfriend’s dish cost $48 (969 pesos). ), opening debate about who should pay the bill.

Eating in a restaurant is an action that many people do every day, but for others it can be a luxury. Although with the Covid-19 pandemic consumption in restaurants decreased due to closure measures, it has been increasing in the last two years until reaching previous figures.

In Mexico, since the end of 2021, consumption in restaurants has shown a constant growth trend and, according to EY-Parthenonit is estimated that during 2022 Mexicans will increase their food consumption in restaurants by 34 percent.

Other Nielsen consultancy study on “Food Away from Home Trends”shows the aspects that Mexicans take into account the most when choosing a restaurant: 52 percent Consider the prices 37 percent food quality and 26 percent the service.

the virus story

Anniversary celebrations are one of the most anticipated dates for couples, that is why that day can increase the spending of the members of a relationship.

A video on TikTok exemplifies it, as it went viral because of how peculiar it is. In the recording, published on the @ikingdani account, you can see the story of a couple who went out to celebrate their anniversary in a restaurant, but among the dishes they ate, the most expensive was the woman’s.

In the video, they say the girl accidentally ordered a $300 steak, sparking a lively debate online.

In celebration of their relationship, the boyfriend suggested his girlfriend order the Wagyu sirloin, an expensive and premium cut of meat. However, she inadvertently ordered an 8-ounce Wagyu steak, causing the bill to rise to more than $400.

“My plate cost $312 and his $48,” Daniela wrote in the video that went viral and has had nearly 2.2 million views.

In the video, Daniela’s boyfriend can be seen shaking his head as he inserted his card to pay for the food.

@ikingdani Throwback back to our 2 year anniversary #wagyu #San Diego #fypシ゚viral ♬ use this if youre gay – alex ◡̎

“I thought he was going to break up with me”the young woman said in the video.

Although the bill was not shocking enough, the video has sparked a debate about who should have paid.

“You should have offered to pay half. That’s a big bill,” one user warned.

“I would have pressed ‘split bill’ SO QUICKLY,” said another.

Meanwhile, others said that it was not her fault and that it was the fault of the server.

“The server should have confirmed that this was what you wanted given the disparity in the dishes,” defended one user.

“I’ve been a server and would have nonchalantly checked: ‘I just want to confirm you want the 8oz Waygu featured on the xyz page,’” said another.

In that sense, this type of content is still important for people, since it shows the reality that many people have gone through and opens important debates that can touch on issues from various industries.

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