Woman graffities unfaithful husband’s car and video goes viral on TikTok

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Woman graffities her unfaithful husband's car and video goes viral on TikTok
The unfaithful husband was exhibited on TikTok. Photo: Gettyimages.

A women made viral in TikTok for graffiti the luxury car from his husbandwhom he accused of “destroying his family” for an alleged infidelity.

The videoof 12 seconds longwas shared by the user .andresvwho musicalized it with the viral audio “Oh no, oh no”.

“The start of the show #paoloinfiel #lima”.

It reads in the description of the viral video.

In the recording it is observed how the womenwhose name is unknown identitytake a can of aerosol and scratched with red ink a message for “paolo messia”, who, presumably, would be the name of the cheating husband.

“Paolo Mesía, unfaithful, liar, you like bitches…, you destroyed your family, unfaithful, womanizer.”

It reads on the hood of the white car.

  • The videos Together they have more than 60 thousand reproductions in TikTok.

In other videoUploaded by .andresvyou can see what would be the second part of the historywhere you see the car of cheating husband fully parked graffiti and being observed by witnesses who pass by the place.

The place where the events occurred is unknown. facts; however, judging by the hashtags written in the videosit is presumed that they could have occurred in the district of mirafloresbelonging to Lime, Peru.

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