Winter storm Mara in the United States causes flight cancellations and heavy snowfall

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The winter storm Mara, which hits several states of United States (US), has affected a total of more than 40 million people in at least seven states, where it has been reported important affectationssuch as suspension of work, classes and cancellation of flights.

Images such as the following circulate on social networks, which show how snow-covered streets and roads look and with very little vehicular traffic.

According to news agencies, such as AP and other local portals, there have been canceled 1,700 flights throughout the country, in addition to the main states affected by the snowfall are:

  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • arkansas
  • Tennessee
  • mississippi
  • Kentucky
  • Virginia

The main access and communication routes in these states have been affected by the heavy snowfall, which leaves cumulus snow of almost 20 millimeters, and layers of ice that make the roads dangerous.

Due to these conditions and the forecast that they will continue in the coming days, the authorities of the affected states have issued winter weather alerts, which means that the suspension of classes and other measures of prevention.

They also ask people to avoid traveling and going on the road if possible, since they are unsafe due to the amount of ice they have, in addition to helping emergency forces move faster to areas where help is needed.

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