Winter storm Elliott also “froze” Niagara Falls

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winter storm elliott
Low temperatures cause the optical illusion of freezing. Photo: AFP

Along with the effects left by the winter storm elliott during the weekend of Christmasthere is the “freezing” of Niagara Fallsto attract the thousands of tourists who visit the border area between United States and Canada.

And it is that, while the rest of the year visitors must wear a raincoat during their visits by boat, now they need gloves and a coat, after the area was covered by snow left by the sudden drop in temperatures north of the US and south of Canada.

There, you can see streets, rocks and vegetation under a thick layer of ice and snow, while in the center of the panorama, on Lake Niagara, the famous frozen falls rest.

What happened to Niagara Falls?

however, though the water that the Niagara River pours into the lake seems not to moveas every year, the tourist center points out that everything is an optical illusion, since the mist and dew form a kind of white crust because of the freezing temperatures, but the water does not stop moving.

Likewise, it stands out that the water current always maintains its route, regardless of the weather conditions, since every second about 3 thousand 160 tons of water flow at a speed of 9 metersmaking it impossible for it to stop long enough to freeze.

Although on some occasions the formation of ice blocks that have been stuck on the crest have managed to reduce the flow until they freeze, so since 1964 this has been prevented with steel barriers that prevent large accumulations of ice.

What yes, everything around it freezes, the same vegetation as infrastructure, forming an ice bridge on the surrounding roads that has come to cause accidents.

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