Winning numbers for the Magno Draw on December 31

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The National lottery say goodbye to the year 2022 with the Great New Year Drawwhich is celebrated on December 31 and around 60 thousand winning numbers participate for an accumulated bag of 104 million pesos. The prize is divided into four series with a total of 16,722 different winners and refunds.

This is one of the traditional raffles that is held 4 times a year, the last chance to participate is in the New Year, it is one of the most popular among Mexicans. To play you must buy a piece or series, and wait for the winning numbers that will be announced on December 31, 2022.

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What are the results of the Great New Year Draw?

If you participated in the National Lottery Christmas Gordo Draw, here are the winning results:

  • Greater prize of 104 million pesos: 38559
  • Second prize of 10 million pesos: 19271
  • Third prize of one million 600 thousand pesos: 32653
  • Fourth prize of one million 600 thousand pesos: 57210
  • Fifth prize of one million 600 thousand pesos: 07677
  • Sixth prize of one million 600 thousand pesos: 56763
  • Seventh prize of 800 thousand pesos: 45787
  • Eighth prize of 800 thousand pesos: 26503
  • Ninth prize of 800 thousand pesos: 01110
  • Tenth prize of 800 thousand pesos: 17232

How much does a piece of the Great New Year Draw cost?

If you want to participate in the New Year draw, you must buy at least one piece or, if applicable, a series, these are the prices:

  • Cost of a little piece: 120 pesos.
  • Cost of a series (20 little pieces): 2 thousand 400 pesos.
  • Cost of two series (40 little pieces): 4 thousand 800 pesos.
  • Cost of 3 series (60 little pieces): 7 thousand 200 pesos.

How do I know if I was one of the winners?

To check if you were one of the winners of the Gordo Magno New Year Draw, results are available as of midnight December 24 from the following link. You only have to enter the complete serial number, and remember that you have 90 days from when they are published to claim your prize.

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