Why you have to empty the WhatsApp cache and how to do it on your iPhone

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We call cache that storage that saves temporary files. Whether they are from the same system or from an application, they must be emptied regularly. And if there is an app known for eating up cache space like there is no tomorrow, this is WhatsApp. Let’s see, then, how to free up space on our iPhone by emptying the WhatsApp cache.

How to recover the space occupied by the WhatsApp cache

In our iPhone, it is the operating system that empties the caches regularly and ensures that the space used is only what is necessary. Many applications also offer us the option to empty the cache from the Settings app, with a simple button, a convenience that the WhatsApp app does not offer us. Fortunately, we have other resources.

First of all, however, let’s make sure we have a backup by WhatsApp. We can do it from the tab Settingcoming into chatThen in Backup and touching Back Up Now. Once this is done, we can simply delete the WhatsApp application.

we can do it from Settings > General > iPhone storage > WhatsApp tapping on delete app. With this we will achieve that, despite Facebook does not offer us the option to empty the WhatsApp cache Through a button in Settings, the system takes care of forcing the deletion of all its cache.

Once this step is completed, we can download the WhatsApp app from the App Store and restore the backup of the chats. Thanks to the elimination of the cache, in addition to having recovered space on our iPhone, we can solve some other error within the app. Especially those that have to do with conversations, statuses and profile photos, because WhatsApp will download the information directly from the servers again.

while already we can use WhatsApp directly from the Apple Watch with all its functionalities, we can say is that the process of flushing caches could be much, much simpler. Fortunately, however, we can successfully empty WhatsApp caches, even if it takes several more steps.

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