Why Study Medicine Career?

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The medical career is one of the most attended by students from different countries for decades since it is a discipline that is always needed in society and over time continues to evolve thanks to technology and new techniques used to treat patients or diagnose diseases more accurately.

What is the Medical Career?

The medical career prepares you as a professional so that you can understand how to diagnose and treat different diseases that affect the human being, this is done thanks to an understanding of the organs of the body and what their functions and behavior are.

The degree lasts 6 years and then another 4 or depending on the specialty you choose, it consists of an introductory period with the basic subjects and as you progress in the degree you will have the specific ones for each topic.

This knowledge prepares you so that you can understand What is medicine and its most interesting branches In addition, you will have experience with your first real cases with the guidance of an experienced doctor who will guide you on the career.

If you decide on a specialty you must do a residency and thus obtain the degree to be able to practice.

Among the most important specialties we can highlight:



Pathological anatomy





Medical clinic


Imaging diagnosis





Legal Medicine








Public health



What are the functions of a Physician?

A doctor has the ability to diagnose and treat patients with different conditions, always with a good predisposition to provide a service to the community, they will have the ability to apply care and prevention techniques as well as disease treatment.

Doctors can work in both private and public practices or hospitals, although they can also work in research centers on new medical treatments.

This allows the physician a wide range of job options to select from.

Here are some functions that a medical professional can perform:

  • Diagnose diseases
  • perform treatments
  • Offer advice to patients on how to take care of themselves
  • Teach other doctors who are starting
  • Assist in emergencies
  • Know how to interpret laboratory results
  • Have the ability to prescribe medication

Medicine student profile

Medicine prepares you in various subjects such as chemistry, biology and anatomy, it also makes use of mathematics on many occasions, which is why the student of the career is required to have a high academic profile.

Some recommended qualities to study the medical career are:

  • Have social skills to be able to work in a team and deal with patients
  • Be disciplined and able to handle stress
  • Have an interest in the human body, its biology, chemistry and anatomy.
  • Are you interested in helping people with their health?
  • You have the ability to study large volumes of information and synthesize it
  • You enjoy researching everything related to diseases and medical discoveries
  • You are a curious person who is always interested in learning and sharing with other people

Advantages of studying the Medicine Career

  • It is a career with great job options, so it will be easier for you to find a job than in other sciences.
  • It is a career that allows you to constantly learn
  • You will not be limited to a single city or area, since doctors are needed in all cities where there are people.
  • It allows you to have your own clinic and practice privately, as well as for third-party hospitals or clinics.

Disadvantages of studying the Medicine Career

  • It is a career with great academic demands.
  • Having to constantly train yourself can be mentally and financially costly
  • You will have to comply with demanding schedules where you may have to sleep in the hospital or be available 24 hours a day for emergencies.


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