Why is there no National Lottery draw this Saturday, December 31?

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The raffle of National lottery which usually takes place every Saturday of the year this is not celebrated, December 31, 2022. As also happened last week (Christmas Eve), the reason is the celebration of the day of New Years Eve.

However, last Thursday, December 29, there was an ordinary draw for the National Lottery, but it was the last of the year.

We will have to wait even longer for the next draw on Saturday, because Saturday January 7 there is no raffle either. In this case, the reason is that just one day before, on Friday the 6th, the Extraordinary Children’s Day is celebrated.

Therefore, National Lottery players will have to wait until the next January 14already entered 2023, to participate again in the draw on Saturdays.

The National Lottery draw takes place, like every year since 1814, thanks to the commitment of State Lotteries and Gambling (LAE). It is one of the games of chance that are best received in Spain.

You can get a tenth for 3 euros in the draw on Thursday. On ordinary Saturdays the price increases to 6 euros; special Saturdays are charged at 12 euros and up to 15 or 20 for extraordinary draws.


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