Why is there no king and queen in the UK at the same time?

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The United Kingdom it is a parliamentary monarchy, this means that the legislative power is made up of two chambers: that of Lords, made up of the advice of the prime minister; and the Commons, which are elected by universal suffrage. The queen or king he can only elect as prime minister the leader of the party that has a majority in Parliament.

The powers of king either Queen They have no practical application, since they can only endorse what is approved by Parliament.

That is, the monarch is the head of state, but does not govern.

So, the Crown represents the British State, and is given to the king either Queenbut its functions are exercised by ministers who answer to Parliament.

The United Kingdom It is governed by Her Majesty’s Government, that is, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

However, the participation of the king either Queen in many important government events.

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Historically, the title king it has generally been reserved for an active monarch.

Some spouses of queens have been granted the title of kings and have gone on to rule jointly with their wives.

But other queens – like Elizabeth II herself – declared their husbands prince consorts and ruled on their own, without giving their husband the title of king.

The Queen Elizabeth II had the power to make Prince Philip -her husband- the first king consort in English history, but never did.

For this reason, Felipe remained Prince and Duke of Edinburgh.

However, the titles Queen either king they may be worn for a ruling monarch or ceremonially for the wife of a crowned king.

In addition, according to the protocols of the English monarchy, there can only be one sovereign, who -according to their beliefs- is the chosen one of God.