Why did Canelo win on a night when he had everything to lose?

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The Mexican multi-champion faced a 40-year-old boxer, not considered among the best pound for pound, after an unexpected defeat

Finally, Canelo Alvarez He left behind the one who until now is the biggest rival of his career.

It was not easy, the scenario was adverse and as on many occasions, Cinnamon He was the one with the most to lose in the ring.

This time he faced a 40-year-old rival, against whom he had a draw and a decision victory, who was not considered in the panorama of the best pound-for-pound boxers and also came from a painful and unexpected defeat. even winning, Cinnamon he risked losing.

In the end, Cinnamon He won clearly and if there was any controversy on the cards it was because the two that scored 115-113 looked more closed than what we really saw above the ring.

But why did he really win Cinnamon On a night when I had everything to lose?

First of all, even though he didn’t win by knockout, which we’ll talk about later, he was dominant and aggressive for most of the fight, he took the initiative, he proposed the fight, he took risks, everything he was expected to do. .

In second place, Cinnamon bounced back from the loss to Dmitry Bivol with a historic win. Canelo became the first fighter to successfully defend all Super Middleweight belts (World Council, World Association, World Organization and International Boxing Federation).

Finally, Cinnamon buried this rivalry with Golovkin After two wins and a draw in the trilogy, at this point no one wants to see a fourth fight, and Golovkin himself was in charge of putting an end to it when he said that he is still the 160-pound champion and that he will return to defend his belt.

after the fight Cinnamon He acknowledged that he suffered an injury and that he will probably need surgery to repair it, this explains the drop in performance in the final rounds.

Cinnamon He was a clear dominator of the first rounds and Golovkin He was never able to remove the Mexican’s left hand at least until the sixth round, when his face was already quite red from the repeated impacts to the face.

Golovkin reacted in the final, but he really just landed more punches than Cinnamon in three of the 12 rounds (the 9th, 10th and 11th), according to CompuBoxinsufficient figure to convince the judges and reverse a disadvantage that had been cooking since the beginning of the fight.

After 36 rounds, both fighters embraced each other to recognize each other, burying all the bad blood that had existed between them for so many years, Canelo came out the winner and is ready to continue dominating at 168 pounds.