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The World Health Organization (WHO) updated its recommendation measures for people infected with COVID-19, advising a period of isolation of 10 days to those who test positiveas well as five days isolation for those who are asymptomatic.

Until this Friday, the WHO recommended 13 days of isolation to infected people with symptoms, and 10 days to those who did not present.

Isolation of people with COVID-19 is an important step for prevent others from getting infected. This can be done at home or in health institutions, such as a hospital or clinic.

What are the new isolation recommendations for COVID-19?

The WHO reported that a patient with COVID-19 can be discharged from isolation in case of negative to a rapid antigen-based test.

without proof, for patients with symptomsthe new guidelines suggest 10 days of isolation from the date of onset of symptoms. Previously, the WHO had mandated that patients be discharged 10 days after symptom onset, plus at least three additional days.

For those who turn out positive to COVID-19 without any signs or symptomsthe WHO now suggests 5 days insulation in the absence of evidence, compared to the previous 10 days.

The evidence considered by the development group of the WHO determined that people without symptoms are less likely to transmit the virus compared to those who have symptoms.

WHO asks the population to continue using face masks against COVID-19

The WHO recommends the use of face coverings after exposure to COVID-19when someone has or suspects the virus, when someone is at high risk of aggravating COVID-19, as well as in crowded, closed or poorly ventilated spaces.

The health agency reported that there are cases in which it can be suggest the use of face masks, based on a risk assessment. Factors to consider include epidemiological trends, rising levels of hospitalizationthe coverage levels of vaccination and immunity and the environment in which people find themselves.

WHO reviewed treatments against COVID-19

The WHO has issued a series of recommendations on the use of nirmatrelvir and ritonaviralso known by its trade name as paxlovid.

The Pregnant or lactating women with COVID-19 should see their doctor to determine if they should take this drug, due to “probable benefits” and underreporting of adverse events.

Currently, there are six proven treatment options against him COVID-19, three that prevent hospitalization in high-risk people and three that save lives in those with a serious or critical situation. With the exception of corticosteroids, access to other medicines remains unsatisfactory Worldwide.

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