WHO recommends COVID-19 booster dose for risk groups

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended, for the first time, the use of a second booster vaccine against COVID-19 (coronavirus) in the groups plus susceptible of developing a serious clinical picture.

The recommendation of the experts of the WHO arises after observing decline in immunity Front of Omicron variant of coronavirus, well scientific studies have shown that as the pandemic has been dominated by this variant, the immunity that offered the vaccines It has decreased.

The groups considered susceptible for him international health agency are:

  • All older people (depending on the age established by each country)
  • Immunocompromised people
  • Adults with chronic diseases
  • pregnant
  • Health personnel

The World Health Organization recommended waiting a period of between four and six months, between the first and the second dose against COVID-19, for that group of people.

The WHO first recommended the second vaccine against COVID-19. Photo: AFP.

The experts clarified that this recommendation is not directed to healthy adult population. However, the document issued by the group of the WHO noted that they are likely to require additional doses Within four to 12 months after second boosterespecially between vulnerable people.

COVID-19 pandemic is far from over”: WHO

Just last July 12, the WHO warned that the increase in infections by coronavirus shows that the pandemic is “far from over”, as it remains one of the largest public health emergencies a international level.

The organism pointed out that the decrease in screening tests make it “increasingly” difficult to assess the impact of variants of COVID-19. According to him WHO committeethe evolution of the virus and the characteristics of the new variants remain “uncertain and unpredictable”.