Who is the TV Azteca actor who hit Yuridia for not singing during a party?

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During a question and answer session with her fans, the singer Yuridia She was questioned about whether she liked to sing at parties to which she was invited. Such a question made her recall a painful incident that happened to her early in her career.

Yuridia said that when she was fresh out of the reality show he was a very person Shyso it didn’t cost him much work Interact with other people. One day she was invited to a meeting, where certain members of the show business were.

They forced Yuridia to sing

There were many academics and there were many people. Among those people there was an actor whose name I am not going to say, but apparently he really liked chupe and he was quite drunk, really; he was super attached to me, that he liked the way he sang and I don’t know what”, reported Yuridia.

The singer said that the actor who bothered her that night was very alcoholic and he clung to the fact that he had to sing, even though there were other people singing and they were having a great time. Therefore, she decided to make a joke to try to calm him down.

He stopped me in the middle of the room and sat down and all icing the guy from how drunk he was. Me in the middle of the room, and everyone turning to see what was happening because the truth is that if we were attracting a lot of attention, especially him because he was babbling, shouting and pulling me, he gave me the microphone and told me to sing”, continued the story.

I started to sing a little and said: ‘The truth is that I don’t know’ and it was Ángel, he was clinging and when I made the joke that he didn’t know, the guy got sick, that is, he castrated himself very hard and grabbed a jacket that threw me very hard. He busted my nose. In the tooth, he hit me with the zipper“said the singer.

Who hit Yuridia?

The rumors point out that the actor who forced the Sonoran singer to sing at that time, went out with Cynthia Rodriguez, who allegedly defended the actress. Is about Rodrigo Cachero, who was accused of exercising violence on his ex-partner the singer Yvonne Montero.

We were kids, he was dominant, his sign is scorpion, so he is strong, I am a Taurus, also strong, but at that time I was very quiet and I admired him in many ways, in his way of speaking, so eloquent, in his status in his house, because he was the man of his house despite being very young and that was very impressive for me“Montero detailed in 2015 about the violent way in which her boyfriend spoke to her on some occasions.

However, other rumors indicate that Paul Montero It may be the actor who hit Yuridia, as some people point out that this type of behavior is common in the singer, but the Sonoran preferred to remain silent regarding the identity of her aggressor.

I do regularly drink and it makes me want to sing, I sing, but back then the truth is that I paid for not speaking, I was very cringe (ashamed) to exist”, alluded the interpreter of “Not friends”regarding aggression.

Finally, the singer said that after a few hours, the actor apologized to her, but after the incident, Yuridia stopped attending parties for many years and when she attended, she avoided at all costs, being close when someone took out the guitar to start a Bohemia. For this reason, she decided to omit the name of the actor and keep the event only as a bad anecdote

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