Who is taking care of Benedict XVI?

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Benedict XVI lives in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery, in the heart of the Vatican Gardens. Pope Francis went to visit him this morning after the general audience because his state of health has been complicated.

In the monastery, four Memores Domini take care of the pope emeritus. They belong to Communion and Liberation and are lay people without any type of vow or habit, although they have made a personal commitment to live in chastity, obedience and putting goods in common.

They are also in charge of guarding some of the properties of the pope emeritus, such as his ring or his rosary. Natalia Tsarkova, who recently painted a portrait of Joseph Ratzinger and his surroundings, tells how she dealt with them when trying to carry out his work.

I had the honor of having your ring in my study and I also wanted the rosary to study it well. Then, Carmela, one of the Memores Domini, told me: “But this rosary is always with the Holy Father.” So how could she ask. It was not possible to take it because it is used daily by the Holy Father.

Benedict XVI is also accompanied by Georg Gänswein. She is his personal secretary, celebrates Mass with him, and often reads communications or letters on his behalf. He is also the prefect of the Papal Household.

In these days in which the health of the Pope emeritus has been complicated, he will also be accompanied by his personal doctor.


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