Who is Morris and why did he become famous on social networks?

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Morris one day surprised the police by verifying that his identification is registered as a young adult, and not a child.
Morris is an influencer with thousands of followers. Photo: Instagram/elmorrishn.

Jader Magdaleno Morris Iscoa, known as Morrissurprised elements of the police when, when carrying out an operation in nightclubs and show him his identification, they realized that he was a young man of legal age and not a 10-year-old boy. His story has gone viral on social networks: he is actually 22 years old, but he appears to be barely a decade old.

the video of the moment It went viral: the uniformed men approached Morris to request his identificationsince, for them, he was a child and it was forbidden by law for him to be found in that establishment.


This video of mine went viral 🤣🥳🕺 context I’m 22 years old but I look like this because I have a growth hormone deficiency which makes my body not develop 🫠❤️😹

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In the 20-second video, which has thousands of views and reactions, it is observed how the policeman receives the identification of the young man, who at first glance appears to be a child of approximately 10 years; neverthelessthe security element and his partner realizes the true age of the young man.

Who is Morris?

Through his TikTok account (@elmorrishn), Morris, whose real name is Jader Magdaleno Morris Iscoahas shared thatActually, he is 22 years old.but what appears to be a 10-year-old boy, due to growth hormone deficiencywhich stopped the proper development of his body.

In interviews he has offered to local media, Morris has shared that he was born on October 13, 1999 and is originally from Puerto Cortés, Honduras; Likewise, she has pointed out that she has suffered from bullying due to her condition, which has caused him to drop out of school and even suffer from depression.

Morris, an influencer

Currently, after the viralization of the video on social networks, Morris has taken advantage of the momentum he had and has several accounts on platforms such as YouTube (over 20k subscribers), Twitch, TikTok (over 700k followers) and Instagram (over 50k followers) to carry out an influencer career.