Which credit card is better for you, BanCoppel or Banco Azteca

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If you are about to acquire a credit card, there are certain factors that you must take into account to choose the right one that fits your economy. And two of the most popular banking institutions are BanCoppel and Banco Azteca, as it is an extra option to that of department stores.

Among the factors that you should consider before acquiring a credit card are your income, your payment method and what type of purchases you need them for. According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (driving), as of October, of the 94,683 claims against banks, Banco Azteca had 12% while BanCoppel only 5%.

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Factors to consider when applying for a credit card

If you are going to acquire a credit card there are several factors that you should check before, among the following:

Your payment method

In case of being total, this is when you pay 100% of your purchases, the Condusef recommends that you check the annuity, and if not, see the interest rate.

Your monthly income

The income you have can determine the type of card you are going to acquire, since it limits a line of credit that fits your finances. As well as the other debts and commitments that you may already have.

Your credit history

In case you have a negative payment history, the only way to obtain a credit card is through a guaranteed or insured card.

The type of purchases you will do

The type of purchases that you are going to make affects the credit card that you are going to take out, because if you are looking to take advantage of the months without interest or with a discount, you should look for one with a low annuity.

What are the credit cards offered by Banco Azteca and BanCoppel?

  • Azteca Bank: It has 4 types of cards, the first is a savings account called Guardadito Azteca, while if you are looking for options to make purchases, this Azteca, Azteca Guaranteed Gold and VAS Card.
  • Bancoppel: This bank has three credit card options, BanCoppel, Gold and Platinum, with which you can make purchases in different stores, withdraw cash and request additional cards.

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