Where will the runaway Chinese rocket land? This has been said by the space authorities

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Last October 31 the chinese government launched a Long March 5B rocket from the Wenchang Space Launch Center, in Hainan. It is one of the most powerful launch machines in the country.

The objective was to send the third and last module to the chinese space station tiangong. It should be noted that while the delivery and docking of the module was successful, the re-entry of the rocket to Earth was not.

When and where will the Chinese rocket land?

China’s rocket re-entry to Earth is out of control. Experts in Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies (CORDS) of the Aerospace Corporation anticipate that the object, of more than 20 tons, will enter the atmosphere on Saturday, November 5.

The fall is estimated around 4:51 am (local time), with a margin of error of 14 hours, somewhere in Spain. However, at the moment it is still unknown precisely where the remains of the rocket will fall and if they represent a risk to humans or infrastructure.

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Because the object is moving at more than 27,000 kilometers per hour, a variation of just a couple of minutes in the estimates represents a difference of hundreds of kilometers in the impact site.

“The uncertainty of where the large debris will ultimately fall presents a level of risk to the human security and property damage that is well above commonly accepted thresholds,” CORDS warned.

In contrast, other estimates of the European Union Space Surveillance and Tracking Operations Centers (EUSST) They expect the rocket to hit during the night of this Friday. The time is constantly updated on the official account of The Aerospace Corporation.

This is the fourth time that debris from a March 5B has fallen uncontrollably into the Land. For the time being, China has not provided a solution to this recurring problem. So far no one has been injured due to the impacts.

The other runaway re-entries have fallen on the west coast of Africain the Indian Ocean and in the north of borneo, Asia. Debris from this year (July 2022) fell into the ocean off the coast of Philippines.

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