When is the 2022 Christmas tree placed and its meaning?

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When is the 2022 Christmas Tree placed and what does it mean?
The Christmas tree must be put up on December 8th. Photo: Shutterstock.

The December seasonwhich begins, according to the Catholic religion, the December 25th and ends the January 6thwith the Christmas and the Epiphany, respectively, it is already around the corner; For this reason, in many Mexican homes they have already begun to decorate their houses with seasonal ornamentsAs the Christmas tree.

On what date should the d-treeand Christmas?

The d-treeand Christmas should be placed December 8, Immaculate Conception’s Dayalthough many mexican families they place it in late November or early December.

This is how he established it Pope Pius IX in the year 1854when such a date was declared as the day on which the virgin mary “was preserved by sole privilege from the original stain from the first moment of its conception”.

Following the previous theory, this date is also the one indicated to assemble the manger in Housealthough the child Jesus should not be placed until the day of your birthin Good night; that is, the Dec. 24.

The tradition of decorating the d-treeand Christmas started in Germany Y Scandinavia, in the 16th and 17th centuries, later spreading to other countries. Currently, a wide variety of objects and elements are used for its decoration, the most traditional being:

  • Star: Generally placed at the top of the tree, it represents the faith that should guide the life of the Christian, recalling the star of Bethlehem
  • Sphere: Apparently, at first, Saint Boniface decorated the tree with apples, representing temptations with them. Today, it is customary to place balls or spheres (in some regions also called bambalinas or chirimbolos), which symbolize God’s gifts to men.
  • ties: It has always been thought that ties represent the union of families and loved ones around gifts that they want to give and receive.
  • Lights: initially candles, represent the light of Christ

When should you remove the d-treeand Christmas?

Following to the letter what the Catolic religion about it, the d-treeand Christmas should be removed once the wise men; that is, the January 6th.

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