when a few minutes are enough to show Hollywood what it was missing

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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 10: Jennifer Coolidge poses with the award for Best Supporting Actress – Television/Movie Limited Series for ‘The White Lotus’ in the press room during the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

If we had to choose the great protagonist of the Golden Globes 2023, you don’t need to think long about the answer. It is clear, forceful and more than evident. Why Jennifer Coolidgethe actress who lived for decades under the shadow of a seductive but overly sexualized character as Stifler’s mother in the films of American Pie, She was the queen of the show thanks to the humor that characterizes her so much, devoid of any sense of the ridiculous. At 61 years old and with a career that spans three decades, This fabulous actress knows how to laugh at herself, the world around her, her past and present, without any kind of holding back. And it is that Jennifer Coolidge It will be one of the most celebrated actresses of the moment, but only after having been one of the most underrated in Hollywood. A fact that she publicly acknowledges and that she used to become the star of the night before the entire industry.

Jennifer had two moments throughout the ceremony. And it’s impossible to decide which one was funnier than the other. What’s more, in a matter of seconds memes and gifs began to circulate that will go on forever on social networks like Twitter. One of them features her whispery, seductive voice of her simply saying “Hi” (Hello) and the other is her getting confused, saying “And the Oscar goes to…” instead of announcing the Golden Globe. But in all his appearances he resorted to the comic facet that works so well for him, the one where he plays innocent and clumsy humor, very typical in many of his characters (since legally blonde a The White Lotus), but using his own existence as the center of any anecdote. And he made us laugh. To all. Those present at The Beverly Hilton hotel and those of us who watched the ceremony from home.

The actress appeared on stage during the opening bars of the ceremony to present the award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Musical, Comedy or Drama Series. However, instead of fulfilling the usual role of any guest presenter, she simply reads the autocue (or teleprompter) and announce the winner, Jennifer absorbed three full minutes of our attention that we knew little. It was a full blown monologue. A kind of abbreviated stand-up where the jokes didn’t stop flowing one after the other.

To begin with, she set out to explain the anecdote of when she was asked to present an award at the Golden Globes. She said that she accepted the proposal but immediately regretted it. She called the person who had offered her the position to share that she was panicking at the thought, fearing she might slip on the waxed stage. To which the interlocutor suggested that “I’ll wear a pair of Crocs.” “And I said, are you kidding me? With my Dolce & Gabanna dress, all those Italians would go crazy.” he joked but always maintaining the awkward composure and whispery voice that we know so much.

Coolidge not only laughed at the favors of the fashion world in the world of Hollywood, but also at the possible problem he could suffer on stage by having to pronounce complicated names such as Bill Nighy and Kaley Cuoco, also joking with his clumsiness. to read the teleprompter. She then read the envelope so as not to make a mistake with the candidacy that she had to present, and when giving the award she said “And the Oscar goes to…” And at no time did the laughter stop rumbling.

But that was not all. Jennifer Coolidge later returned to the stage after winning best supporting actress in a limited series for her iconic performance in the second season of The White Lotus. An award more than deserved after returning to the role of Tanya, that capricious millionaire who he conquered us in the first season of this holiday mystery thriller, and one that begs for constant attention. But not even the nerves of the moment prevented him from continuing with his special comedy master class..

Thank you Foreign Press Association. I can support him, right?” He asked about the award in his hand. “I don’t exercise, which means I can’t hold it for long.” said.

But between the jokes, he did not waste the moment and thanked the creator of The White Lotus, Mike White, moving him to tears, but also everyone equally. There are like five people in this room who kept me afloat for twenty years with small jobs.” she explained excitedly, pointing to Ryan Murphy and joking when she couldn’t find any other examples among the tables. “I didn’t know anyone and my career was going nowhere.” said by then to thank Reese Witherspoon, Michael Patrick King and those responsible for American Pie for giving him those “little jobs”.

I had such big dreams and expectations when I was younger, but what happened is that life took them away. I thought she was going to be queen of Monaco even though someone else did”he said laughing. “And then you get older and you think, ‘Oh, what the hell is going to happen? And, Mike White, you have given me hope. You gave me a new beginning… even though you killed me and it’s over.” he went on to say in reference to a spoiler for the series. “But it doesn’t matter because you changed my life in a million different ways. And my neighbors are no longer mean to me.”

“I’m serious. No one invited me to their parties on my hill and now everyone invites me.” he recited causing laughter throughout the auditorium with a joke that, in other words, sums up how undervalued he was for a long time and the sublime moment he is living now.

Between laughs and censorship cuts at the amount of profanity that he launched in full enthusiasm, Jennifer Coolidge discovered us with her monologues and speeches to a born comedian. A woman that we now want to see in all possible ceremonies, revealing herself as the hostess that Hollywood had been wasting for decades. Her sense of humor, her ability to laugh at herself and the world around her, the spontaneity and speed of her joking mind, make her an essential character from now on. Hollywood can no longer look the other way. Jennifer Coolidge and her comedic magic made that clear.

You just have to see the reaction and ovation of the guests at the ceremony. As a columnist for The Hollywood Reporter was able to record, the room stood and applauded when Jennifer finished her speech.

A series as interesting and captivating as The White Lotus it lifted her to a place she couldn’t get for several decades and now that Hollywood is finally discovering her in all her glory, we can’t go back. I think I’m right in saying that we want to see more of Jennifer Coolidge, on screen and presenting awards, making us laugh with such masterful ease. In summary, Jennifer is on the crest of the wave of her professional life and the Golden Globes were the stage that declared that her moment has arrived. At last.


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