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The most important instant messaging service in the world, we are talking about WhatsApp, wants to consolidate itself as the absolute leader in its field, therefore, every week it is developing and publishing at least one new function. Would you like to know what are the latest tools launched by the application belonging to Meta? From Depor we will explain it immediately.

Not only are these the traditional features you use in the course of a conversation, such as “view once,” which allows you to share videos and images that self-destruct after being viewed, but they also added options that reinforce the privacy and security of users.

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These are the WhatsApp tools of the last week

  • lock shortcut: the application has launched a new shortcut, one of these will allow you to block a person through the main WhatsApp interface, so you will not open the conversation and avoid leaving the check or read confirmation.
  • communities: Although this is an old feature, it has finally been rolled out for Brazil.
  • WhatsApp Desktop for macOS: You can get the native program from the official WhatsApp page itself.
  • camera mode: now you will record videos in the states and chats without pressing (hands free).
  • Forward untitled messages: the app will inform you in advance if a photo or video that you are going to forward has a title, so you can decide whether to keep the caption or delete it.
  • New text editor: You will have more than three types of fonts to choose from.

What is a Proxy in WhatsApp?

Basically, it is a connection bridge that acts as an intermediary between two computer systems, such as: your phone’s browser and the Internet itself. You could say that they are servers set up by volunteers and organizations dedicated to helping people communicate freely and securely.

How to activate the Proxy in WhatsApp?

  • First, check that WhatsApp do not have pending updates.
  • Now, open the application and press the icon of the three vertical dots that are located in the upper right corner.
  • Click on “Settings” and then on the section that says “Storage and data”.
  • Scroll down and tap on the “Proxy” option.
  • Turn on the “Use proxy” switch.
  • Finally, click on “Set the proxy” and add its address.
  • Done, save the changes and a green dot should appear.

What to do when you can’t download images or videos on WhatsApp?

Activate the “Visibility of media files” function

  • Open the app and press the icon of the three vertical points that are located in the upper right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, tap on “Settings” > “Chats”
  • Finally, scroll down and turn on the switch that says “Visibility of media files”.
  • With this configuration, every time a photo or video is sent to you, after downloading it, it will be stored immediately in the gallery of your phone.

What happened to the WhatsApp “Wing” emoji and how to resend it?

WhatsApp has removed a certain group of emoticons, a clear example is the “real” revolver, an icon that was replaced by a toy gun, so, did they also remove the “Wing”? the answer is no, this emoji is only available on the smartphones of the brand samsungit is estimated that it will reach the other platforms in 2023, highlighted the technology portal emojipedia.

On what occasions should you use the “Wing” of WhatsApp? You can share the emoji when talking about flying, both literally and metaphorically, also send it when someone talks about angels, or in case a person has died, it is very common to say “You are already in heaven”. If you want to send it, just copy and paste this icon without the quotes “🪽”, we recommend you highlight it in the application, but keep in mind that it will only be seen on mobile phones, not on WhatsApp Web or Desktop (for now).


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