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It is very annoying not being able to download the audio messages through the personal or group chats of , since you are left with the doubt of knowing what your contacts told you, however, there must be more than one reason why the aforementioned messaging platform does not allow you to reproduce the voice notes, it is unusual that it restricts you out of nowhere do it. On this occasion, from Depor we will show you a series of solutions for you to re-download the audios, from processes as simple as checking your internet connection, to more complex problems such as freeing up storage space. Take note.

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Why can’t you download voice memos on WhatsApp?

There is no storage space on the cell phone

Storage is one of the main causes for you not being able to download audio messages, since WhatsApp it is an application that consumes internal memory without you realizing it, for example: suppose you check your gallery and you do not find much material, then you ask yourself the following: “Why have I filled all the space if there is nothing?”, the answer is simple, and it is that the aforementioned application saves all the files sent or received in an internal folder of the smartphone, it will not be possible to download a photo that often only weighs kilobytes.

  • Delete apps and games that you no longer use. Choose to uninstall the usual social networks and browse through their web version. There are also lighter versions like Messenger or Facebook Lite, they are good options.
  • Delete multimedia files such as: photos, videos, gifs, audios, Word documents, Excel, PDF, etc.

WhatsApp worldwide crash

It is not a novelty that WhatsApp it will go down all over the world and their servers will not work, it has happened on more than one occasion, when this happens it also affects the other Meta applications, such as Instagram, Facebook and Messenger, so it will be impossible to send, receive or download media files until the problem is fixed. Follow these steps to find out if WhatsApp has crashed:

  • First, open the browser of your choice and look for the page a website that tells you if there was a peak hour when WhatsApp problems were recorded.
  • Another method to find out if the app crashed is by using Twitter. Most users use the hashtag #WhatsappDown, which quickly becomes a trend. Remember that Twitter does not belong to Facebook.

Clear cache data in WhatsApp

Cache data are memories that WhatsApp It is created the longer you use the application on your Android or Apple iOS mobile. For example, if you clear Facebook cache, any linked accounts or passwords will be deleted, so you’ll have to log in again and save that information.

It is likely that the cache of an app becomes saturated with information and ends up being corrupted, this would affect the normal operation of WhatsApp and would be the reason why you cannot download or play voice messages.

  • Access the “Settings” or “Configuration” of your Android or iOS phone, locate it with the icon of a cogwheel or gear.
  • Press the “Applications” section, find and touch “WhatsApp” in the list that appears.
  • Go to the “Storage” option.
  • Finally, press the button that says “Delete cache” or “Clear cache”.

What can you do with WhatsApp communities?

  • Mass messages: the administrator of the “Community” is able to simultaneously send the same ad to various subgroups containing up to 5 thousand members. You do this in the chat that has a green speaker icon.
  • Share large files: Now you can share multimedia files, such as: photos, videos, Word documents, Excel, PDF, etc., that weigh up to 2 GB maximum.
  • Create surveys: you will no longer depend on external web pages to create surveys, from now on you will do it from the same application and it will be possible to place a title and up to 12 options at most. Very useful when no one agrees to go out to eat with friends or family, schedule the date of a meeting, decide the meeting place, among other situations.
  • Group video calls of up to 32 people: Previously, the limit was 8 for each group, now it has risen to 32 and in a subgroup the first to connect will be part of the meeting.


  • The first thing will be to download the WazDog application.
  • This is a third-party app that lets you know exactly if someone is “online” on WhatsApp.
  • It includes a function that tells you, through an alert, if your partner or friend is online.
  • In order to download it you can use this .
  • There you must enter your email and the cell phone number which you want to edit.
  • At that time you will have to wait for your friend to connect in order to know exactly how long they remain on WhatsApp.
  • Remember that there is a paid version, which allows you to add many more numbers.


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