WhatsApp tricks to see statuses of your contacts

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WhatsApp It continues to be the most widely used platform for exchanging messages, photos, videos, and other files with friends, family, and even co-workers. And one of its many benefits is that you can see the statuses of your contacts, but how can you see them without your contacts noticing?

WhatsApp statuses let you update photos, messages, links among other things, they only last 24 hours available for viewing. But if your profile is in incognito mode you can’t see who saw your notifications. If you want to see the updates of your contacts without them noticing, we will tell you how, following these steps.

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How to secretly see the WhatsApp states of your contacts?

Incognito mode:

If you are on the PC or a laptop, you just have to activate the incognito mode, enter the WhatsApp web application, and then the states without your contacts noticing.

Disabling the read receipt

  • Enter your WhatsApp application, select the 3 point icon.
  • Go to more “Options” and “settings” and finally in “privacy”
  • From there you can block contacts or activate temporary messages.
  • To finish, just select “Read confirmation”.
  • Checking the states from the file manager, there your cell phone saves photos, videos and audios on your cell phone.
  • There you can see all the statuses that have been downloaded and saved.

See WhatsApp states from your cell phone without connections

The most common and used by all for cell phones, you just disconnect the data or internet from your device. Just give it a little time because the internet signal may take a few moments before it is deactivated. The downside of this trick is that, when you activate the signal, your contacts will see that you saw the update.

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