WhatsApp launches its new “accidental deletion” feature

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whatsapp delete message
The feature will be available on iOS and Android. | Photo: Internet.

The function of “accidental deletion” came to WhatsApp!, so from now on users of the famous instant messaging app They can back out when they have deleted one of his own messages in an individual or group chat, the platform announced this Monday.

This new function, dubbed by the Meta team as “accidental deletion” offers the possibility of reverse the action of deleting one’s own messages during a five second window, therefore, during that time they will be able to recover the deleted message.

After the five second window, the message will be deleted completely with no chance to get it back.

This new whatsapp feature is useful when a user wants delete a message and by mistake, you press “Delete for me” instead of choosing “Delete for everyone”.

This novelty is already available for some users both in Android as in iOS, although its implementation may take several days. One suggestion is to go to the app store and update WhatsApp.

This last WhatsApp update of “accidental deletion” and that it is related to the message deletion and recovery It adds to the recent implementations of the app, such as:

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