What will happen to Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis?

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After the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, one of the main questions on social networks was: What will happen to his corgis?.

It is known that the queen was lover of that breed of puppies and that throughout his life he had more than 30 copies. The first was Susanhis 18th birthday present.

Concern about the future of Elizabeth II’s pets increased after a photograph of four corgis, with a desolate expressionbeing removed from the real plane by two men dressed in black uniforms.

Immediately, Twitter users attributed that it was the queen’s four dogs and that they were very sad for their part.

However, the image does not correspond to the current reality of the monarch and her pets, because although the queen did have four dogs, that photo was actually taken in 1993according to Mirror.

Four corgis appear in the snapshot yes it belonged to the monarchy and they were returning to Heathrow after a summer spent at Balmoral.

Until the moment of her death, Isabel had two corgis, a cocker spaniel and a dorgi (a hybrid of corgi and dachshund that is attributed to the queen).

Their names are Muick, Sandy, Lissy and Candyrespectively.