What to do when WhatsApp and other social networks fail

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The platforms of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, they are the most popular when it comes to communicating between Mexicans, and when one of them fails, even for a few minutes it can leave you unable to send or receive important information. Since even many companies, they keep in touch through work groups, especially if they work remotely.

So that this never happens to you, you must always have an alternative plan in case the usual means of communication fail, so that valuable information is not lost, especially if they must be coordinated to carry out tasks between colleagues. Here we give you 5 recommendations for this type of situation.

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5 recommendations to avoid being cut off when networks fail

On those occasions when the networks fail, you are left incommunicado, we give you some recommendations so that it does not happen to you:

  • Have an alternative messaging app: Due to the flaws in WhatsApp, many users have chosen to have an alternative account in Telegram so as not to be cut off, but that is not the only one, you can also use Signal, Line or WeChat, among others. Or in the case of companies, you can use the chat of the email account they manage.
  • Save important contacts and daily use in the cell phone or mail, and not only in the networks: If you only have a large part of your work contacts on your networks, try to save them on your cell phone or email as well, so as not to be cut off when the networks fail.
  • Try not to use Facebook as a means to enter third-party applications: if you use your Facebook account to use external applications such as Spotify or Tinder, because when it fails, it affects your access. It is better to use your email to have your own account without linking it.
  • Always have credit or balance to make calls or send SMS messages: In case social networks fail, it is good to always have a little credit or balance to be able to make calls or send direct messages in case of an emergency.
  • If you use the networks for your work, always have an alternative plan to communicate: Although it is not always necessary to communicate with family or friends, if you use networks to communicate at work, especially in cases where you work remotely.

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