What should I do to recover from binge eating this Christmas?

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The Christmas season is marked by whims, especially when it comes to food, but eating healthy without being obsessed with excesses is possible. The important thing is to know how to consume food and drinks in moderation to avoid hateful binge eating.

Jesus Roman Martinezpresident of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Sciences (SEDCA) explains that the Mediterranean diet helps to maintain a healthy life style also at Christmas and offers a series of tips to end the holidays without extra kilos or less health.

  • Alternating lunches and dinners with healthier options with dishes made up of larger amounts of vegetables and a low consumption of animal fats will help alleviate the feeling of intoxication.
  • After a big lunch or dinner, simply have an infusion and some fruit for breakfast. At the next meal, only broths, vegetables or salads will be taken.
  • Although the drink of choice that should always be on the tables is the Water, the truth is that most people want to drink ‘other things’ on these dates. In this case, Martínez suggests that “in moderation, you can opt for fermented drinks, as is the case with beer, which in addition to having an antioxidant profile provides a reduced alcoholic and caloric content (88 kcal per 200ml)”. Logically, the nutrition expert recommends consuming it responsibly and always accompanied by food, following the Mediterranean lifestyle pattern and remembering that the maximum intake amounts for both women (200-300 ml/day) and adult men (400 -600 ml/day) healthy.
  • Outside of the indicated dates, the expert recommends taking a break and not drink alcohol for a few days. Likewise, Martínez remembers that there are occasions where you should not consume any alcoholic beverage: in certain pathologies, when some medications are ingested, pregnant or lactating women, if we are going to drive, etc. “In these cases, the alcohol-free beer It is a good solution to enjoy the holidays.”
  • The regular practice of physical exercise it is still essential. The ideal would be to be able to plan at least 2-3 sessions a week of a medium intensity activity such as: gym, cycling, swimming, etc. «In addition, it would be a great complement to be able to accompany this physical activity with a session of strength exercises that will help a greater loss of body fat, maintaining muscle mass, and what is more important, helping to take care of health by maintaining healthy habits. of healthy life”.

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